Young Athletes Should Learn From Elite Passers

Some of the greatest players in NBA history earned their reputation not just from their scoring, but from their passing abilities as well. When you think of players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and LeBron James, passing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, all of these players excelled at making their teammates better.

It can be easy for a young athlete to idolize the scoring prowess of their favorite players. However, the best players on the best teams always have a great understanding of the movements of their teammates. They know how to get the most out of everyone on the floor and they sacrifice personal gain for collective glory.

Passing is a tricky art that takes years to master. However, the effort is well worth it for young basketball players. Coaches should use sports team websites to outline useful passing drills and videos of proper chest and bounce passes. After all, you can’t have a complete game without knowing how to share the rock.

LeBron passes Pippen, leads NBA forwards in assists

After recording 11 assists in a 102-93 victory against the Detroit Pistons, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers passed Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen to become the NBA career leader in assists for forwards, according to the Associated Press. James has tallied 6,142 dimes in his career.

The benchmark typifies arguably the best part of James’ game. Going back to his high school days, the only thing that can seemingly match his athleticism has been his preternatural passing ability.

“That means a tremendous amount to me,” James said of the assists record, according to the news outlet. “It means a lot more than passing Allen Iverson on the scoring list in the last game, because I have always taken so much pride in my passing game. To me, the greatest rush has always been helping my teammates succeed, not succeeding myself.”

Dakota Wesleyan knows how to pass

The Dakota Wesleyan University men’s basketball may not have the notoriety of a player like James, but the team still knows how to pass with the best of them. The Daily Republic reported that the team leads the NAIA with 2.369 assists per turnover. The all-time Division I record is 2.01.

“Our guys really value taking care of the ball,” coach Matt Wilber told the news outlet. “Our point guards have had unbelievable roles in passing and ball control for us. We’re averaging around nine turnovers per game, which is really good.”

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