Resort to Smart Wooden Toys at Piccalio to Give Your Child A Taste of Problem Solving and Motor Development Skills

Have you ever imagined that in an age of fancy moose toys and powered bumper cars, mid-century modern toys would find a home? These fickle little creatures not only need toys to calm their perpetual boredom but also need crafts that help in their overall learning and development. Amid a competitive generation, it becomes equally important for parents to give their kids the education they need outside of the school curriculum. This includes something that would spark their creativity and give a boost to their imagination. 

Piccalio, a children’s wooden toys brand based in America, focuses on providing kids with minimalist wooden toys that might not look fancy, but surely aid in enhancing children’s motor skills while fueling their curiosity. Designed with love and logic, Piccalio toys are thoughtfully created in Venice, California, and serve as a one-stop solution to those noisy toys that lay around in the house and are often forgotten after a few days.

Why should you make Piccalio a partner in your child’s daily play?

Piccalio’s USP lies in its imaginative play that helps kids with their language and communication skills and enhances their problem-solving skills as well. Piccalio products are eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, and made from natural ingredients. 

The most-loved products and bestsellers at Piccalio

Putting the spotlight on some customer favourites, the Piccalio Versatile Learning Tower is one of them. The Mini Chef Convertible Tower functions as a stable kitchen stool and can be quickly converted into a snack table. For your child’s safety, there is a safety bar on the back and an adjustable step. This option comes in four elegant colours, including natural, sage, and white. Additionally, a complimentary Mini Wooden Cutter for small hands is included.

Next comes the Mini Climbing Set With Reversible Rockwall & Slide beautifully designed for your kids to practise grasping and climbing skills. Piccalio’s Pikler Triangle Set is inspired by the work of Hungarian physician Dr. Emmi Pikler. The wooden toy is perfect for cruising, climbing, building forts, sliding, and imaginative play. It instils balance, concentration, and grip strength in children.

How often have your kids held a sharp object in their hands while you were peacefully cooking in the kitchen? And how many times have you tried to divert them but they refused to? Piccalio solves your problem by allowing your kid to safely engage in the kitchen using a wooden knife that is easy to slice and play with. Piccalio’s Mini Cutter keeps your child engaged while you prepare a meal and instils a sense of independence in them to prepare their own snacks. Almost anything, from bread to cheese to fruits and vegetables, can be cut with Piccalio’s mini cutter with no chance of getting hurt.

Piccalio’s Mini Chef Foldable Helper Tower allows your toddler to safely access kitchen countertops and participate in washing dishes, brushing teeth, stirring batter, and chopping fruit. The product is inspired by Montessori philosophy and can be seamlessly folded to fit your living space. Some of the other products available at Piccalio include stepping stones, a balance board, an acrobat balance beam, and an apron and hat set.  

About the wooden toy brand Piccalio 

Piccalio toys are completely safe for your child and also give you an opportunity to contribute your bit to reforestation. Piccalio uses FSC-certified wood, and for every order that you place, the brand donates to “One Tree Planted,” a non-profit that focuses on combating deforestation. The brand’s products and designs are inspired by the knowledge of ancient cultures, the Steiner (Waldorf) educational system, and Maria Montessori’s contemporary study of play, among others. The company offers a 30-day return policy and international shipping.

The reviews speak for itself- Hear what young parents have to say about Piccalio

John V. on the Pikler Triangle Set, says “Easy to assemble and sturdy. So far, it has proven to be a great entertainment and skill-learning set. It was a big hit with a one-year-old who loves to climb and explore. Great for developing motor skills and strength.”

Margret M. on Learning Towers, says “My daughter beams with joy now in the kitchen as she is involved and can see what is happening on the counters. We definitely use it more as a kitchen tower, but the flexibility to change it to a table and bench is perfect for our small space.” 

Karin Z. shares her love for Piccalio’s apron and hat set, “Adorable set for my lil baker! Really easy to put on. My 20 month toddler loved wearing her apron and hat while we baked some muffins.”


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