Playboy & XXX OnlyFans Model Cris Galera, Who ‘Married and Divorced Herself’ Reveals Annual Sex Rituals To Boost Libido; Know More About the ‘Sologamist’

A Playboy and XXX OnlyFans model admitted that she engages in annual sex rituals before the New Year to better herself. The self-proclaimed ‘sologamist’ married and later divorced herself because she had finally discovered love. If you don’t know what Sologamy is, it is also known as self-marriage or autogamy, which is the practice of marrying oneself in front of others. Cris Galera initially gained notoriety as she had stopped relying on men in general when she grew tired of having no pleasure in bed. But now that she’s in a relationship, Cris practises certain sex rituals to make incredible promises in bed. The model says one strategy for relaxation and focus before sex is yoga, which she also does. Kshama Bindu, India’s First Sologamist Bride Speaks About ‘Marrying Herself’; Here’s The Story Behind How This Gujarat Woman Broke the Stereotype of Matrimony.

It not only makes a person stronger, but it also makes them more flexible, which is a quality that is usually appreciated in bed. The model made a cheeky Christmas wish this year by asking Santa for a “larger butt.” This year, she made the obscene demand; she was granted her wish to appear in Playboy magazine. Cris dressed like a seductive bride for the photo shoot to express her opposition to traditional unions.

Cris had to make a new request to Santa Claus after receiving her desire this year. The bombshell previously said: “I want to ask Santa Claus to bring success, health and much joy to everyone and me. But I also want a bigger butt this new year.” The gorgeous model donned a Mama Noel attire and laid on top of her bed in sexy photos taken before the holiday season.

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