National Pollution Control Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, HD Images, Posters, Drawings, Wishes, Messages, Slogans, and Banners to create awareness

According to the National Health Portal of India, air pollution is responsible for the deaths of almost 7 million people worldwide each year. Every year on December 2, National Pollution Control Day is observed to raise awareness of the risks brought on by contaminated water, land, and air and also to draw attention to ways to prevent industrial tragedies like the Bhopal Gas Disaster. Health and quality of life are both impacted by environmental pollution.

Moreover, the part we are performing in the pollution is a rising trend. India is not the only country in the world dealing with a serious problem with pollution. Pollution is the introduction of any material solid, liquid, or gas as well as any kind of energy, heat, sound, etc. to the environment.

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National Pollution Control Day 2022 Theme

The theme for National Pollution Control Day in 2022 is not yet known. The National Pollution Control Day 2022 Theme Page will be updated whenever the theme is released.

Why is National Pollution Control Day Celebrated?

In honor of those who died on December 2, 1984, in the Bhopal Gas tragedy, National Pollution Control Day is commemorated.

The bursting of firecrackers, moving automobiles on the road, bomb explosions, gas leaks from factories, etc. are just a few of the causes of pollution. Today, pollution is a growing problem, and it’s the responsibility of the relevant government as well as the general public to lower the amount of pollution. To reduce pollution, we need to come up with concepts and strategies.

National Pollution Control Day Objectives

The major goal is to raise public knowledge of the different industries that impact the environment and, consequently, human health through noise, water, air, and other forms of pollution. We must never forget the Bhopal Gas Disaster, the worst tragedy to have ever occurred in human history due to the discharge of the toxic gas “Methyl Isocyanate (MIC)”.

To create a better or cleaner environment, it is also crucial to educate the public about pollution. To tackle pollution, the Indian government has passed several rules, such as the odd-and-even implementation in Delhi that reduces the number of vehicles on the road. The major governing authority, the National Pollution Control Board (NPCB), periodically inspects companies to determine whether they are abiding by environmental standards.

Create awareness among your loved ones this National Pollution Control Day 2022 using these best wishes, slogans, hd images, drawings, banners, posters, messages, and quotes.

Best National Pollution Control Day 2022 Quotes, Messages, HD Images, Posters, Slogans, Drawings, Banners, and Wishes

National Pollution Control Day

Let us save our environment from getting poisoned with pollution…. Let us create more awareness on National Pollution Control Day 2022.

National Pollution Control Day 2022

Controlling is the only way of preventing it and creating awareness is the only way to educate…. Happy National Pollution Control Day 2022 and let us save our planet.

National Pollution Control Day Quotes

Realize that we must give our children a healthy place to live.

National Pollution Control Day Images

Use only what you can reduce, reuse and recycle!!!

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