National Pizza Week 2023: From Chicken Pizza to New York-Style Pizza; 5 Recipes To Try Out at Home for Celebrating This Cheesy Delight

National Pizza Week starts every year on the second Sunday of January. This is the week for all the pizza lovers to drool at different varieties of pizzas and enjoy their favourite dish guilt-free. One of the best things about pizzas is their versatility. You can add as much cheese as you want, and you can use any ingredients you love; be it chicken, paneer or vegetables. Many people also love the flavour of a classic plain cheese pizza with no extra toppings. It is just the base, sauces and cheese. As you celebrate National Pizza Week 2023, we at RSKV have compiled recipes of the five best pizzas that you can try to enjoy the day with your loved ones.  From Margherita to Roman-Style; 5 Ways To Bake the Popular Fast Food With Different Styles of Toppings!

Chicken Pizza

The given recipe is a step-by-step guide on how to make the best chicken pizza at home from scratch. You will be able to make perfect pizza dough combined with a homemade chicken topping, which makes this pizza even more delicious. There is no limit to the variations you can do for the pizza toppings.

Domino’s Style Veg Pizza

It is very easy to make a simple veg pizza at home. The given recipe will help you make the best Domino’s-style veg pizza at home using all the healthy vegetables available.

Easy Tawa Pizza

Many of us thought that a pizza could only be made in an oven. But the lockdown has certainly helped all of us learn different ways to make restaurant-style dishes at home. One of the best recipes we all have learnt is making pizza on a pan. Try this recipe to make a crispy and delicious pizza on a simple tawa available at home.

Paneer Makhani Pizza

No matter how many pizza recipes you have tried, you surely cannot miss this one. With the paneer topping and a touch of buttery taste, paneer makhni pizza is surely a delight for many.

Real New York Style Pizza

Who thought it would be possible to make a perfect New York-style pizza at your home? Thanks to the internet, all the available recipes have made it easy to taste all the flavours in your own house.

Pizza isn’t just eaten for lunch or dinner. In fact, it can be made for breakfast using eggs, cheese and bacon and as a dessert using chocolate. Wishing everyone a Happy National Pizza Week 2023!

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