National Anthem Day in the US 2023: Wishes, Quotes, Cliparts, Images, Greetings, Sayings, Slogans, and Messages

Annually, the third of March is designated as National Anthem Day. This year, it’s on Wednesday. A national song, patriotic hymn, or sovereign anthem that invokes the history, customs, and sufferings of its people is known as a national anthem. It is acknowledged as the country’s official anthem of a country either by the administration or by popular use. Only the first, as well as the last of the poem’s four stanzas, are typically chanted on this day.

Mark this National Anthem Day 2023 by greeting your loved ones using these best wishes, quotes, greetings, images, cliparts, sayings, messages and slogans.

Best National Anthem Day 2023 Images, Wishes, Cliparts, Quotes, Greetings, Messages, Sayings, and Slogans

“Never miss a chance to sing the national anthem of your country….. Never miss a chance to wish your countrymen Happy National Anthem Day 2023.”

National Anthem Day

“On the occasion of National Anthem Day 2023, I wish that as we sing our national anthem, we promise ourselves to dedicate ourselves to our country.”

National Anthem Day In The United States

“Being born in United States of America is nothing less than a blessing and we must celebrate it by celebrating National Anthem Day 2023.”

“Sending best wishes on National Anthem Day 2023 to you….. May you sing the national anthem of America with great energy and take pride in it.”

National Anthem Day 2023

“National Anthem Day reminds us that we all are one and we are bonded with each and every word of our national anthem.”

National Anthem Day Quotes


Francis Scott Key composed The Star-Spangled Banner, the United States of America’s national anthem, on September 14, 1814, after seeing British ships storm Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. John Stafford Smith wrote the song, which was accepted on March 4th, 1931, eighty-six years ago. The Star-Spangled Banner, a substantial American emblem that flew gloriously over the fort throughout America’s victory, served as the lyrical inspiration for the national song.

The song quickly gained popularity as a staple of American patriotism. The United States Navy approved the anthem for authoritative use in 1889, the U.S. The President did the same in 1916, and on March 3, 1931, a Federal government resolution that was executed by President Herber Hoover declared it to be the national anthem.


The Star-Spangled Banner is sung in remembrance of the occasion. This day offers a chance to become better familiar with the history of the country and possibly to demonstrate some degree of pride in it. The day is marked by several cultural and educational events, musical performances, and parades. Using the hashtag #NationalAnthemDay to share photos and information about your events on social media.

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