Meet Ankit Jha, Digital Content Creator and Travel Filmmaker

Entering this field gives Ankit immense pleasure as he gets to showcase his life, his activities, his skills, and his creativity. Ankit is an absolute travel freak. He wants to travel to every destination in India and show the world the natural beauty of India.

Ankit Jha Needs No Introduction:

Running impressive Instagram and Facebook accounts with the username “justankitjha” and receiving thousands of views and likes on every video makes Ankit famous amongst the other social media influencers across India. Starting his Instagram journey just for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment, Ankit Jha is now a celebrated travel filmmaker. His channel mainly thrives to portray beautiful Indian cultures, traditions, cuisines, and scenic beauty. Alongside, Ankit is also taking part in regular meta creator events and production-related works.

Speaking about his journey, Ankit says, “It all started in 2014, when I completed my 12th board exams.” A boy who was passionate about filmmaking slowly started learning about “filmmaking,” which, in its true essence, is all about preserving whatever is too good to be witnessed just once. Travel photography is about capturing the calm and joy of traveling. With each trip across India and beyond, he developed a passion for photography and eventually began planning his life to just live his passion.

“Today everyone talks about foreign countries rather than talking about our own country, India.” We have richness on every front, be it traditions, cultures, foods, clothing, or beauty. Every Indian state is unique in itself. I want to explore and show the world that India has everything. Thus, I have created a travel channel, where I Vlog on various Indian destinations,” proudly says Ankit.

Ankit’s work has also had an impact on his own life. Through his travels, he has gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature and different cultures around the world. He has also gained a greater understanding of himself and his own identity as a photographer and content creator, as his work has allowed him to connect with people from all over the world and share his passion with them.

Social Media: A Career Option Or A Hobby?

Instagram is an open platform for everyone and also has amazing opportunities for those who want to focus their career or just want to show skills and creativity rather than make any money. On the other hand, YouTube nowadays has become saturated, says Ankit. The content creators are now using it more like a monetary option. There was a time when we used to watch videos on YouTube just for fun and enjoyment, and now we are creators. We entertain people. Money making is not the only priority for me but entertaining others is more says Ankit Jha.

Advice for Newcomers?

“Just keep on improving your work.” Your work matters the most. Through my personal experience, I can say that I was nothing four years ago, not that popular in this entertainment industry. But I was very passionate about my work and my dreams. So, I kept on improving my skills and updating my creativity rather than quitting my work. Social media is certainly a good full-time career, but yes, your content selection matters a lot. Whatever you try to deliver, whatever talent you showcase, getting the audience’s attention is the most important thing. “Your work should be unique, and if you want to grow content-wise, then Instagram is like fire,” says digital content creator Ankit Jha.

As you get more comfortable with the process and your audience starts to grow, you can start to invest in better equipment and put more time and effort into your videos. But don’t let perfectionism get in the way of actually creating something.

Ankit’s social media handle is @justankitjha on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. where you can learn more about content creation and check out Ankit Jha’s travel videos for a better understanding of it.

Ankit Jha is quickly making a name for himself in the world of digital content creation. Not only is he an accomplished travel photographer and content creator, but he also now runs his own successful production house. With a wealth of experience and talent at his disposal, there’s no doubt that Ankit is poised for even more success in the years to come. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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