International Day of Education 2023 Theme, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings, Wishes, Posters, and Slogans

International Day of Education is celebrated on the 24th of January every year. The day is observed to see education from a much broader perspective. Education varies around the world and is based on different cultures and country’s traditions. Still, there are millions of kids who can’t afford basic education and their human rights. On this day, many campaigns are made in order to bring educational reforms and improve the quality of education around the globe. It is observed as the celebration and advocacy of the right to education. One of the great ways to access education easily is through scholarship 


In 2018, United Nations General Assembly recognised the 24th of January as the International Day of Education. The day is observed by celebrating the importance of education in one’s life and the importance of learning about peace and development. During this time, education is not limited to institutions, everyone living in the society has a duty to promote quality education. Something many of us likes to take for granted. It is the only key that will help you lift yourselves from the barriers of poverty and shows a relevant future. As per UNESCO’s statistical data, almost 258 million kids can’t afford education in school. Especially, the situation of marginalized communities is worse. Higher education is still a dream for many in underdeveloped countries. Many societies still in the world dismiss the idea of teaching their kids or future generation. 

International Day of Education 2023 Theme

Every year UN comes up with a new theme in order to raise awareness more effectively, this year the theme for 2023 is- ‘To invest in people, prioritize education’.

Best Quotes, Posters, Images, Wishes, Messages, Slogans and Greetings

“Warm wishes on International Education Day 2023 to you. Let us never miss an opportunity to give a child, the precious gift of education.”

International Day of Education Quotes

“Education is the weapon which has the strength and power to transform this world for good. Happy International Day of Education 2023 to you.”

International Day of Education Images

“Never underestimate the power of education as it is the most important thing for a person to grow and prosper. Warm wishes on International Education Day 2023.”

International Day of Education Messages

“The occasion of International Day of Education reminds us all that without education, the future of a person or a country is nothing but dull. Happy International Day of Education 2023.”

International Day of Education Greetings

“When you wish to bring the change into this world, you have to educate everyone. Happy International Education Day.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of International Day of Education 2023 by spreading awareness on importance of education. Happy International International Education Day.”

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