Indian Army Day 2023 Wishes, Greetings, Images, Messages, Quotes, Slogans, Shayari and Banners

Indian Army Day will be observed on January 15th. Back in 1895, the Indian army was officially formed on 1st April. The first British Army Chief was Francis Butcher. Later in 1949, the British chief handed all the management over to the Indian Army. Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa was appointed as Chief Commander of the Indian Army.

This year in 2023, India will be celebrating the Indian Army’s 75th anniversary. On January 15th, India got its first Indian Commander, chief Kodandera M. Cariappa, he now has to lead the Indian army. 

It was a historical moment for our country when Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa took over the authority of British Army General Roy Butcher for the Indian army back in 1949. He was the first Commander-in-Chief of an independent India. 

India became an independent country from the British rulers in 1947 after being under their rule for over 200 years. During that time, the country faced a lot of struggles including massive killings, riots, and internal conflicts. It also gave girth to a new country-Pakistan. 

Due to so much disorder from the internal as well as neighbouring countries, an army invasion was in order to tackle the situation and bring peace at the partition. At the time of independence, the power over the Indian army was under the control of British officer Francis Butcher. After independence, the British general gave Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa the management over India’s army. 

The day is observed by the army Command at their headquarters in Delhi, it is an honour for all the soldiers who live and survived and lost their lives while fighting for the country’s pride and dignity. After this, a grand celebration is organised all over the country

Celebrate this Indian Army Day 2023 using these best greetings, wishes, banners, messages, shayari, slogans, images and quotes.

Best Indian Army Day 2023 Messages, Wishes, Banners, Greetings, Images, Quotes, Slogans, and Shayari

  • Warriors are not conceived, they are made in the Indian army. Happy Indian Army Day 2023.
Happy Indian Army Day 2023
  • Let us celebrate Indian Army Day 2023 by saluting all the army men for their bravery, dedication, and patriotism.
Indian Army Day Quotes
  • Let us come together to celebrate National Army Day to honour our brave soldiers who are the reason behind our pride and our smiles. Happy Army Day 2023!
Happy Indian Army Day 2023 Greetings
  • Indian Army Day always reminds us of all our heroes who stand strong to keep us safe. Happy Indian Army Day 2023!
Happy Indian Army Day Messages

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