Dry Days in January 2023 List: Get Full Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Liquor Stores, Pubs & Bars This Month

New Year 2023 is here, and as we implement our plans for this year, there are a few things that we must prepare for. January 2023 is sure to be filled with travel and party plans for the month, with great extended weekend opportunities and festivals like Pongal 2023 and observances like Republic Day 2023 offering a much-needed respite in the work week. But the one thing that can hinder all these fun and exciting plans is the sudden observance of dry days. But fret not; having a detailed Dry Days in January 2023 list will quickly solve this issue and let you know when alcohol will not be served in the month. List of Long Weekends in 2023 in India: Get New Year Calendar With Holiday Dates To Make the Most of Your Vacations.

Casual drinking has become a key component for many people’s party plans, and knowing whether alcohol will be served in public places and if wine shops are open does help many to prepare accordingly. Whether you are hosting your friends, heading out with them, or simply setting foot on a long weekend getaway, this January 2023 Dry Days list will help you space out your activities, chill time, and make the most of the public holidays that you have! Dry Days in India 2023 List: Get Full Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in Liquor Stores, Pubs & Bars Across the Country.

Dry Days in January 2023 

Date Day Festival/Event State Specification
January 14, 2023 Saturday Makar Sankranti
January 26, 2023 Thursday Republic Day 
January 30, 2023 Monday Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary   Maharashtra

As you can see, there are three dry days in January, out of which one is only applicable in Maharashtra. The first, on January 14 (Saturday), marks an array of Hindu festivals in various parts of the country. Celebrated as Makar Sankranti in North India, this day also marks the celebration of Bhogi in South India and will be a dry day. 

January 26, Republic Day, is a public holiday in the country and a dry day. Since January 26 falls on a Thursday, many people may plan to take the following Friday (January 27) off and make this a long weekend. In this case, knowing the dry day rules will help you plan your travels and vacation better. The last dry day in January is only observed in Maharashtra and is on January 30 (Monday), marking Mahatma Gandhi’s Death Anniversary. We hope this information helps in your plans and allows you to welcome New Year 2023 with all the love and excitement.

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