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Baseball has some specialized equipment unique to the sport. Before you fully commit to buying new equipment, try borrowing a friend’s gear or seeing if your club has equipment you can borrow or rent.

Batting Helmet

Batting Helmet

A helmet that’s worn by the batter to protect their head and the ear facing the pitcher from the ball.

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Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

A hat designed to shade sunlight from players’ eyes.


Baseball Spikes


Specific shoes made for baseball players that are worn for better traction on the field.




A leather glove with a webbed pocket between the thumb and forefinger that helps players catch the ball easily.



Sunglasses (optional)

Most players wear sunglasses in addition to their caps to keep the sun out of their eyes.


Catcher Helmet

Catcher’s Helmet

A helmet with a face mask designed to protect the player’s face from the ball.


Baseball Bat


A round, solid wooden or hollow aluminum bat.




Layers of yarn or string rolled on a cork sphere with a leather coat stitched on top.


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