Bodhi Day 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, HD Images, Cliparts, Messages, Stickers, and Captions to share

Bodhi Day is a holiday and a celebration in Buddhism when Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The day is observed internationally but with different names, and countries that follow Buddhism celebrate it mostly. As per ancient culture and tradition, Buddha sat under a tree of peepal and started meditating for years in order to find the root cause of human misery and its solution. Many devotees that follow this religion celebrate this day with full devotion and enthusiasm.

On this day, devotees say and follow compassion, faith as well as kindness towards other humans. Spend the whole day wishing and praying to Buddha. Globally, the day is celebrated on 8th December. As it is believed on the same day, Gautama Buddha got enlightened in 596 BC. But now dates vary country-wise. 

Gautam Buddha was originally born Siddhartha Gautama in Lumbini (which is now in Nepal) to an elite family of Kshatriyas in 563 BC. His father was the king of the Shakya clan named Suddhodhana. He gave his son Siddhartha many luxuries and the comfort of life. During one instance. Siddhartha went for a tour of his kingdom and was shocked to see so many people suffering from hunger, disease, and poverty. The whole situation impacted him deeply. By the age of 29, he decided to leave his life of luxury and his parents in order to find the solution to the miseries of human life. For almost 6 years, he only traveled and meditated, and then finally in Bodhgaya, he attained enlightenment.

Greet your loved ones this Bodhi Day 2022 using these best quotes, hd images, wishes, captions, messages, cliparts, stickers, and greetings.

Best Bodhi Day 2022 Wishes, HD Images, Quotes, Greetings, Cliparts, Captions, Messages, and Stickers

Bodhi Day

Happy Bodhi Day 2022 to everyone. On this auspicious day, I wish that we all learn about the lessons of Bodhi to bring a change in our lives.

Bodhi Day 2022

As we celebrate Bodhi Day 2022, let us remember Buddha and the day of his awakening to take inspiration from him and his teachings. Warm greetings to all.

Bodhi Day Wishes

The celebrations of Bodhi Day 2022 remind us to come together and offer prayers to Buddha to seek his blessings and follow his teachings.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of Bodhi Day 2022. May Buddha is always there to keep us on the path of enlightenment so that we find eternal happiness in life.

Bodhi Day Quotes

Let us come together and offer our prayers to Buddha to seek his love and blessings in order to find the real meaning of our life.

Happy Bodhi Day 2022 to all. It was on this auspicious day that He experienced an awakening that changed his life and brought him salvation.


While achieving enlightenment, he learned the 4 noble truths along with the Eight-Fold Path that formed the base for the religion of Buddhism. Below mentioned are the 4 noble truths- 

  • Dukkha. Life is a suffering 
  • Samudaya. The cause of suffering is greed or desire
  • Nirodha. End craving can end suffering 
  • Magga. The path to liberation    
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