3 Types of Equipment to Avoid for a Great Youth Lacrosse Season

When players begin to surf your sports team websites and explore potential lacrosse leagues they could play in, they want to find that every piece of the puzzle is state of the art. They want to play on the best fields, wearing the coolest uniforms, for the best coaches.

Players also want reliable equipment. Even if you have a limited budget for running your youth lacrosse organization, it’s important to have a few dollars stashed away for buying high-quality supplies. If you fall short in this area, players and their parents will notice. Kids will likely not want to play in your league, instead of  exploring other organizations or other sports. Parents may also worry about their kids’ safety.

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That’s why good equipment is vital – whether it’s helmets, pads, sticks or anything else, there’s no excuse for skimping on quality. It’s worth a few extra dollars to buy the good stuff.

Equipment is an area where a lot of lacrosse organizers, even sound and experienced ones, make mistakes. Below are a few common problems with youth lacrosse equipment:

Too old

If equipment is old and worn out, it’s not likely to provide the highest-quality youth lacrosse experience. Coaches and league organizers should work together to provide their kids with newer stuff – this might not mean purchasing brand-new equipment every year, but periodically replacing outdated materials should be a point of emphasis, on some level.

Not safe enough

Minor defects in lacrosse equipment safety can end up making a huge difference. What good is a face mask that’s cracked? Or a shin guard with a hole in it? The responsible thing to do is nip these problems in the bud – if they’re unaddressed, they can lead to injuries, which is bad news for everyone involved. Players will be hurting, parents will be up in arms, and coaches will be without key players.

The wrong fit

Finally (this should go without saying), youth lacrosse players should have uniforms and pads that fit them well. If any single item is too small, it might constrict a player’s movement, but if it’s too big, it may lead to awkward motions while players adjust those misshapen helmets or pads. Just get players stuff that fits.

Reliable equipment is an essential part of a youth lacrosse league. Whether you”re looking for new equipment, or to trade up some old items, check out the Gear Marketplace. Save up to 70% off brand-name items and more. Here’s how >

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